Post-Secondary Year 2023


SBF is a prestigious scholarship programme, curated by a specialist team that is redefining what a scholarship means. From thousands of applications received annually, a select group of scholars with academic ability and potential are selected and offered a wide range of interventions spanning High School, University, and beyond. The result is a graduate that boasts agility, critical thinking, service, curiosity, and resilience.

◎ We foster an SBF family which supports each other. This extended network includes alumni, students, and staff.

◎ We provide hands-on support and become directly involved in their lives, as well as the lives of their families and their schools/institutions.

◎ We support young people to become strong, independent thinkers who can successfully navigate a very complex world.

◎ We activate potential and support growth.


Every year, SBF reaches out to primary schools across the Cape Town Metropole to identify the top-achieving learners, with academic ability, and potential and who are financially disadvantaged. We use a targeted recruitment campaign and identify learners that meet the SBF criteria through a series of recruitment steps


Stage 1


14 June - 30 Aug

Stage 2


Sept 2024

Stage 3

Online Testing

28 Sep

Stage 4

Entrance Exam

12 Oct

Stage 5

Family Interviews

Nov - Dec 2024

Stage 6

Scholarship Offer

February 2025


For learners to apply, they must

◎ Be in Grade 6 in 2024
◎ 65% aggregate in Gr. 5 final and Gr. 6 term 2 assessments
◎ 65% min for Maths in Gr. 5 final and Gr. 6 term 2 assessments
◎ 70% min for English in Gr. 5 final and Gr. 6 term 2 assessments
◎ Demonstrate financial need
◎ Stay within 25 kilometres of the SBF Newlands Office

Applications for intake 2026 open on 14 June 2024.

Download the Students For A Better Future application criteria here.
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Once selected to join our family – the entire cohort will, in their Grade 7 year, undertake a 7-month long preparatory programme to build bonds, access necessary enrichment in learning, and supporting a transition into a life changing journey

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High School Scholarships

SBF manages two Scholarships under the umbrella of the SBF Scholarship. The first is the SBF Scholarship; where each successful scholar from around the Cape Town Metropole, is placed in one of our twelve partner schools. The second scholarship is the Disa High School Scholarship, where successful scholars from our sister school, Disa Primary in Hout Bay, are placed at Groote Schuur High School. Each year we see a new cohort of amazing young scholars join our SBF family.

SBF has developed a dedicated curriculum which we work through with our young people from Grade 8 - Grade 12, supporting the development of key attributes and building the skills of the future. We provide a wide range of support to our scholars based on a holistic programme; ranging from psychosocial support, tutoring, boarding, sports, culture, service and more!

We have partnered with 13 of Cape Town’s best High Schools to ensure that our scholars receive a well-rounded education, equipping them with the academics, skills and exposure to opportunities needed to thrive in the future.

Our parents and guardians are central to SBF achieving its purpose and enabling young scholars to access tertiary opportunities to break the chain of poverty. By providing resources and support to them, we ensure that they are capacitated to fully support their children in this journey.


Our in-depth work readiness programme focuses on developing skills, competencies, work-based confidence, and corporate matching. This four-year curriculum starts with our 1st year University Students and ends with our 4th year Students. This programme is designed to prepare our students for the future world of work and to ultimately support them in landing their first job. During work readiness programme students attend various workshops facilitated by experts in the field. The workshops cover topics such as curiosity and critical thinking; problem-solving and teamwork; creating and telling your brand story; and financial literacy and acumen. In addition, students receive coaching which provides scaffolding to the facilitated workshops. All final year students are required to work on a professional portfolio which prospective employers are able to view them. We’ve built relationships with corporates partners who connect with our vision and who are driven to see change. As a result, we are passionate about preparing our students for the world of work.

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