The SBF Hire Portal: We’re Live!

Yes, you’ve heard right: our Grads now have their own spotlight on our website!

Our Hire Portal is live and now the place to look if your company is interested in hiring our accomplished and exceptional recent graduates who can’t wait to make their difference in the world! It grants you easy access to graduates’ profiles where they share their career aspirations, experiences and interests. You also have the option to download their CVs and click through to their LinkedIn pages if their talent intrigues you. That’s not even mentioning the punchy video intros to better get to know them!

As part of our ongoing work towards getting our alumni graduates a head-start at the best organisations and thriving in their careers, we have designed this site for ease-of-use and easy access to talent. It’s the go-to platform where we hope to support our grads in a very competitive job market.

We’ve worked tirelessly with work-readiness consultants and done our own research in getting this portal up and running. Our goal is to promote the excellent potential our graduates have and to make it all the more easy for employers to find them! 

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