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We Grow – We Transform

An update from our CEO – Halli Manolakos-Tsehisi


One of our Core Values at SBF is We Grow!

We define it as: “At SBF we are a place of transformation. We all change and grow by being part of the SBF Family.”

As a result, we ensure transformation in our communities, families, schools, people and organizations. SBF is a place of growth where we can see, articulate, and then realise our full potential. We listen attentively to everyone from students to businesses, and using this knowledge, create new paths for our young people to walk.

Last year saw significant changes in our SBF Staff Team! We are now one programme team from Recruitment – through to ending Post-Secondary, and joining our Alumni Space! We have a dedicated SBF curriculum, which focuses on ensuring our young people are gainfully employed with the right skills (our SBF attributes)!

We are all focused on achieving our vision: To break the chain of poverty by enabling young people to understand who they are and what they want to achieve in the world, with the ability to make it happen!

All great change comes with new possibilities and teaches us many things – get to know our team together!

From Halli


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