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Fast-Tracking His Future: Meet Athenkosi Dyoli

By Monique Brink 5 Aug 2021

SBF has talent! Young Entrepreneur and SBF Alumni Athenkosi Dyoli is the founder of Fast Track Tutoring, an online tutoring service that assists high school learners to improve their abilities and understanding of Maths, Science and Technology from the comfort of their homes. Lessons are recorded and are accompanied with lesson plans which guide students’ learning experiences. Fast Track Tutors takes it a step further however, as their passionate tutors actively engage with their scholars’ teachers to find the best way to help their scholars improve and keep track of their progress in schools.

Taking into account his own grade 11 tutoring experience, which helped him develop critical reasoning skills and curiosity, he didn’t expect to ever come across an opportunity to share his knowledge. Through a chance encounter, he noticed a grade 8 learner struggling to understand his maths homework and repetitively asking the teacher’s help and losing his confidence every time he did so. Athi, as his friends call him,  took this opportunity to offer the boy his help. On different occasions they spent more and more time working through the numerous problems the boy was struggling with. Athi was quite inspired by the young man’s determination to understand the concepts, leading him to offer free tutoring after taking the initiative to speak with his parents.  

“Through working with him, I began to develop a passion for developing nifty little ways to teach tricky concepts, from analogies to finding real-world examples.” – Athenkosi

This kickstarted his involvement with NGO Emagqabini in their after-school tutoring program, while completing his BSC in Maths and Physics at UCT. He knew he couldn’t let this drive and passion for educating and assisting young people go to waste, so taking the leap, he founded Fast Track Tutors. While he balances his full-time Software Engineering career, he hopes to expand their online presence, hoping to grow it into the go-to online tutoring service for learners. He hopes that in the near future, Fast Track Tutors could offer STEM course tuition as well as offering their service in the university field.

We are so #SBFProud of the drive, passion and initiative Athi has taken and the effort he’s put into driving change and giving back. We can’t wait to see what else he has in store! If you are intrigued in becoming a Fast Track Tutor or a scholar in need of Maths, Science or Technology assistance, head on over to their site now for more information.

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