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Our Story

Dr & Mrs Struengmann

After studying in Munich, Dr Andreas Struengmann came to South Africa as a medical intern and met his wife Sue. The two travelled to Tsolo, in the Eastern Cape and were struck by the lack of resources in both the hospital where Andreas was placed and the school where Sue was working.

“We made a promise to each other then, that if we were ever successful enough, we would do our part to help young people in South Africa access a quality education.”

In 2007 the Andreas and Susan Struengmann Foundation was established to sponsor educational initiatives in the Western Cape. To date, the Foundation has launched the Sue Struengmann Initiative at the University of Cape Town (UCT) to address the mental health impact of childhood and adolescent adversity by providing a base for research and education to ensure the provision of high-quality prevention and treatment services for children and adolescents at risk resulting in increased psychological wellbeing. The foundation also funds the Disa Primary School in Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay, as well as the Students For A Better Future High School Scholarship Programme.


To develop well-rounded and goal-oriented individuals who will contribute positively to the future of South Africa and become citizens of the world.


To ensure that individuals with academic ability and financial need have access to quality education, holistic support and opportunities for growth, through collaborative and strategic partnerships

Belonging & Inclusion

We strive towards creating and advocating for inclusive spaces where the whole SBF family feels connected and part of, both in their communities and institutions

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Our Five Branches

Our five branches reflect our organisational values and the principles we aim to instill in our scholars, students and alumni.


Family creates a sense of belonging and a feeling of home. It is about growing together in the spirit of love and understanding. Family gives care and attention and supports a journey of personal growth. Family goes beyond the idea of the nuclear family, into the broader community, with a shared empathy and a collective responsibility for the well-being of others, of society, of humanity.


To have integrity is to be a person of your word. To say what you mean and to do what you say. People with integrity take ownership of their actions. They are accountable. They have self-respect and show that same respect to others. Integrity stands up for what is right, what is fair and what is true. Especially when it might be challenging or unpopular to do so.

Celebrate the Unique

We champion self-expression, curiosity and passion. They hold the clues to who our scholars want to be and the paths they want to take in life. We are here to light their way. By celebrating their uniqueness and individuality they come to understand what it means to value themselves and the special gifts they have to offer the world.

Nurture Well-being

Our scholars are people first. With complex lived experiences, realities and challenges. An assessment of character might start with academics, but it does not end there. True well-being means nurturing the physical, psychological, financial, social, as well as the intellectual. This is essential if we are to properly prepare individuals for the demands of post-secondary and professional life.

Cultivate Grit

A significant indicator of future success, grit means having the stamina to consistently work at achieving your goals. It is a work-ethic, a resilience, a determination to strive and to grow. Grit is having the mind-set of a marathon runner, not a sprinter. Knowing that it is ok to fall down. Because grit will get you back up again.

"True well-being means nurturing the physical, psychological, financial, social as well as the intellectual."


Halli Manolakos

Executive Head of Foundation South Africa
CEO – Students for a Better Future

Halli is an experienced and accomplished development specialist, with over 15 years of working experience in education, healthcare, and social development. She has an extensive background in programme leadership, development and design of international programmes and is a specialist in strategy development and team leadership. In her role as Executive Head of Foundation SA and CEO SBF, Halli is responsible for operational and team management, programme strategy development, stakeholder relationship development and financial oversight.