Our Purpose

We believe that breaking the chain of poverty begins with one child. And that if given access to quality education with psychological, social, and academic support, as well as personal life skills development, we can change the future.

SBF is a prestigious scholarship programme, curated by a specialist team that is redefining what a scholarship means. We support young people on a journey that starts in Grade 6 and ends with their first job.

Every step they take is one step further out of poverty for their family and community.

Our Story

At SBF we share a belief that each child has unique potential.

We search for academic ability and potential. Each year 50-70 deserving young high school pupils from disadvantaged communities are selected from thousands of applications and placed in some of the leading schools in Cape Town.

In addition, our work readiness programme means that we provide support to more than 140 - 200 students at tertiary institutions setting them up for future careers. These are young people who have great potential.

Together with their families and schools, we build a SBF family that lifts each other up and creates graduates that boast agility, critical thinking, curiosity, and resilience who display active citizenship.

Dr & Mrs Struengmann

After studying in Munich, Dr Andreas Struengmann came to South Africa as a medical intern and met his wife, Susan Struengmann. The two travelled to Tsolo, in the Eastern Cape and were struck by the lack of resources in both the hospital where Andreas was placed and the school where Susan was working.

“We made a promise to each other then, that if we were ever successful enough, we would do our part to help young people in South Africa access a quality education.”

In 2007 the Andreas and Susan Struengmann Foundation was established to sponsor educational initiatives in the Western Cape. Read more here.

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To redefine what a scholarship means by creating an incredibly supportive, impactful, and caring scholarship programme. We create the potential for our students and alumni to become strong independent thinkers who can transform their families and communities.


To break the chain of poverty by enabling young people to understand who they are, and what they want to achieve in the world, with the ability to make it happen.




By providing access to quality education with psychological, social and academic support as well as life skills development. We support young people on a journey that starts in Grade 6 and ends with their first job.

To ensure that individuals with academic ability, financial need, and who demonstrate potential, have access to quality education, holistic support, and opportunities for growth.

Belonging and Inclusion

We strive towards creating and advocating for inclusive spaces where the whole SBF Family feels connected to and part of, both in their community and their institutions.