Meet our

Post-secondary Programme Students

The Students for a Better Future Post-secondary Programme was officially launched in 2016 but officially only started its work with the first SBF cohort leaving high school in 2013. The SBF Post-secondary Programme supports its students through their tertiary studies and is the starting point of a successful Alumni Association. The SBF Post-secondary Progarmme is only available for SBF scholars i.e. scholars who have received scholarships from SBF in high school. The Post-secondary Programme’s model is one of wraparound support mostly in the students first year of studies. This means that our students are looked after holistically.
The Four Pillars

Access to funding

All SBF scholars who finish matric through the SBF scholarship programme can apply for post-secondary funding with SBF if they meet the criteria to apply as follows: academic achievement of 65% and above; exemplary behaviour record with SBF; living the SBF values. The SBF Post-secondary Programme provides partial funding based on merit and/or need. SBF also supports Grade 12 scholars in a funding application process to partner funders and organisations. All SBF scholars are advised to apply for NSFAS funding if they meet the criteria.

Work readiness and careers

The third pillar is work place readiness and careers. SBF students are a pool of talented young adults who have achieved in different areas and SBF aims to connect our graduates to the world of work. SBF has developed a career programme for its senior students in order to make sure that the students are ready for a competitive market place and have gained required workplace skills.

Development and support

The second pillar is development and support (soft skills). We believe that psycho-social support is an essential aspect of the wraparound support model. Research conducted by Dell into tertiary student needs indicates that support is the most important key to success. The students receive the following support and development: individual coaching sessions; access to a mentorship programme; a camp that provides facilitated sessions in personal development, goal setting, interview skills etc. There are also regular compulsory workshops based on the needs and year of study for the students. This support is in place to give every student an opportunity to achieve their goals and to ensure that SBF graduates are well-rounded young adults that are ready for a competitive market place.

The SBF Alumni Assocation

The fourth pillar is the Alumni Association. This is the end goal of SBF. We aim to grow the SBF
Alumni Association as a networking and support space for all scholar and student graduates from the programme. Dr Sruengmann’s dream is for SBF to become a self-sustaining foundation where the Alumni grow and support upcoming scholars.