High School

SBF Scholarship

The Students for a Better Future High School Scholarship Programme gives Western Cape learners who have shown academic promise, the opportunity to study at some of Cape Town’s best high schools. Currently, there are over 250 Scholars enrolled in the programme.

The Foundation’s annual recruitment drive begins January-February each year and the SBF representatives visits primary schools across the Cape Town Metropole, where they meet with the top-achieving Grade 6 learners.

SBF Scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a stipend for uniform, books, stationery, sports equipment and school trips. Additional financial support is available to assist with transport costs and a small proportion of Scholars stay in the boarding house, based on their individual circumstances. The Foundation also provides both academic and social support, during the Preparatory Programme in Grade 7 of the scholar.

Throughout high school, Scholars receive termly academic counselling. Various camps and workshops as well as university and career planning services are offered. All Scholars take part in community service initiatives to reinforce their commitment to give back to family, community and country.

Aggregate Score


The Foundation’s formula of a thorough selection process, excellent schools and complementary support programmes is yielding strong results. At the end of 2018, 90% of SBF’s scholars achieved 60% and above.

Our class of 2018 achieved the following amazing results:

  • 100% pass
  • 94% Bachelors pass
  • 114 distinctions from 52 scholars – an average of 2 distinctions per scholar
  • 10 scholars achieved an overall ‘A’ average
SBF Camps
  • Grade 7 Orientation Camp – Orientation transition and fears pre-empt diversity resources and contacts. Our aim is to ensure our scholars are Grade 8-ready.
  • Grade 8 Diversity Camp – Coping with the transition from primary school to high school.
  • Grade 9 Subject Choices – Help guide scholars to make subject choices that will help in their career choices.
  • Grade 10 Personal Growth – Helping scholars navigate changes in their social settings and assisting in their coping strategies.
  • Grade 11 University Prep – Eliminating any doubts and fears for matric and university preparation.
  • Grade 12 Reflection Retreat – Reflecting on high school and planning for the future.
Academic Excellence

Our Schools

SBF partner High Schools are selected on the basis of their commitment to academic excellence and holistic approach to education. Partner Schools accept a pre-determined number of carefully screened learners each year. A School Liaison Officer is appointed at each School to serve as the first point of contact for the Foundation and provide additional support for SBF Scholars.