Grade 10 Camp – Personal Growth

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The Grade 10s embarked on their camp to High Africa in Worcester on Friday, 28 September 2018. There was much excitement, as it was breakup day and everyone was looking forward to some time away together. After a long drive through the Friday afternoon traffic, everyone arrived safely and settled in before enjoying a delicious braai. The evening was filled with fun and games, music, quizzes and dancing.

The beautiful High Africa setting.

Saturday morning dawned beautifully, with many scholars rising early to enjoy the warm sun on the riverside. The morning consisted of two very helpful study skills sessions, where the scholars honed in on their summarizing skills as well as understanding exam questions and how to answer them properly.

Study skills session with Nikki.

Much of the afternoon was filled with fun activities, team building and leadership tasks. Many brave Grade 10s had the opportunity to tackle their fears by completing the aerial obstacle course, which is a great feat and we are very proud of those scholars who managed this so confidently.

Preparing for the activities.

In action, high up on the Aerial obstacle course.

Muzaffar Hendricks, Hluma Shoko and Juliet Mapasa taking some time out to relax.


The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent preparing and presenting talk shows.
The Grade 10s divided into small groups to discuss issues effecting their everyday lives. These topics included anxiety, sexuality and the effects of conforming in their schools. We are so proud of the maturity and insight shown by the scholars and commend them for the efforts put into each talk show presented.

An incredible group of Tertiary Students joined us on camp namely, Natalie Muchenje, Charney Essack, Qaqamba Filtane, Ilyaas Manan, Daymin Bosch and Patrice Menda who helped manage and support the group. They facilitated a fantastic session on Sunday morning, discussing the topics raised in the talk shows the previous evening. Everyone agreed that this was an enlightening and well-rounded end to the camp.

We are very grateful to High Africa for their warm welcome and friendly hospitality as always, to our Tertiary Students for their enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and dedication to giving back to SBF and especially to our Grade 10 scholars who participated and contributed respectfully, with enthusiasm, insight and maturity. We look forward to the next camp with you all!