Values of determination

Students For A Better Future

Alumni Association

About the Alumni Association

Alumni Vision

The Students for a Better Future Alumni Association supports SBF’s vision of a better future for South Africa’s young people through quality education and a supportive network of individuals Determined to Succeed Together.

The Association is a continuous link between all members of the SBF community, promoting a shared SBF identity around the values of determination, achievement, mutual support and collaboration, service and a philanthropic mind-set, diversity and authenticity.

Alumni Mission

The Association will:

  • Provide tangible support programmes and guidance to SBF Scholars and Alumni.
    Support disadvantaged communities according to individual members’ unique skills and the collective efforts of the group.
  • Develop broad professional affiliations to promote the SBF brand, support networking and create opportunity.
  • Plan events to promote fellowship and fun amongst SBF Alumni.

Alumni Values

  • Determination
  • Achievement
  • Mutual support and collaboration
  • Service and a philanthropic mind-set
  • Diversity
  • Authenticity

SBF Alumni Association